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Student Organizations

The Biomedical Graduate Student Association (BGSA)

The BGSA is the student government that represents the interests of all graduate students affiliated with the School of Medicine.  Activities organized by the BGSA promote the career and social interests of students in all programs.  Every fall the BGSA organizes a symposium to highlight student research capped by a nationally-recognized plenary lecture.   The BGSA provides the Associate Dean and Graduate Program Directors with insight and feedback from the student perspective by participating in the School's Graduate Council.

The Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG)

The GPSG is the student government organization that represents the interests of all graduate and professional students at the University of Pittsburgh. The governing body—the GPSG Assembly—is made up of four executive officers in addition to representatives from each school's student governments. As the governing body for graduate and professional students, GPSG takes an active role in ensuring that the concerns of all graduate students are heard.  Leaders of the GPSG participate in University governance by sitting on the Provost's University Council on Graduate Studies.

Pitt Science Policy Group (PSPG)

The PSPG was formed in 2016 by a group of STEM graduate students at the University of Pittsburgh looking for opportunities to become politically engaged and learn more about science policy as a potential career track. The mission of the PSPG is to provide an opportunity for Pitt students and faculty to engage in open, data-based discourse and educational activities with a focus on the intersection of scientific research and policy formation. This includes both Science for Policy and Policy for Science.


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