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2003 Graduates

Graduate Name and Program Dissertation
Nehad Alajez, PhD
MHC-Unrestricted MUC1-Specific T Cell Receptor for Cancer
Mihaela Avramut, PhD
Cellular and Molecular Pathology
Immunophilins: New Biomarkers and Therapeutic Targets for Neurodegenerative Diseases
Jessica Candelora, MD, PhD
Analyzing the Expression of the Epithelial Molecule MUC1 on Activated T Cells
Laura Goldberg, MD, PhD
Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics
Adenoviral Gene Transfer to Skeletal Muscle: Characterization and Manipulation of the Adenoviral Pathway of Infection
Douglas Green, PhD
Cellular and Molecular Pathology
Functional Studies of the Human Brain Insulin Receptor
Amy Hartman, PhD
Molecular Virology and Microbiology
Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV) Production from Rhesus Macaque CD4+ T Lymphocytes in Vitro: Insights into the Host Factors Controlling the Rate of Progression to AIDS in Vivo
Greta Ann Herin, PhD
Studies on the Role of the N-Germinal Domain of NR1 in the Redox Modulation of NR2A-containing NMDA Receptors
Haibing Jiang, PhD
Molecular Pharmacology
Mechanisms of Polyglutamine Expanded Huntingtin Induced Toxicity
Vandana Kalia, PhD
Molecular Virology and Microbiology
Role of Intracytoplasmic Tail of HIV-1 Transmembrane Clycoprotein in Viral Replication and Cytopathicity
Kyoko Koshibu, PhD
The Effect of Hypomorphic Expression of TGF-alpha in Waved-1 Mice
Daniel Leszkiewicz, PhD
The Effects of Light on Ion Channel Function
Florenta Negoita, PhD
Cellular Mechanisms Underlying Glutamatergic Calcium Responses in Developing Auditory Brainstem Neurons
Mark Parrish, PhD
Murine Spalt-3 is Required for Oral, Brain and Cranial Nerve Development
Jennifer Rowles, PhD
Molecular Virology and Microbiology
Characterization of Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV) Envelope Glycoprotein (gp 120) Antigenic Determinants
Kristine Roy, PhD
Molecular Genetic Dissection of the Role of Tail-less in the Development of the Forebrain
Holly Scott, PhD
Molecular Virology and Microbiology
Regulation of Granuloma Formation in Mouse Models of Tuberculosis
Michael Shoykhet, MD, PhD
Functional Development and Critical Periods in the Rat Somatosensory System
Simona Temereanca, PhD
Thalamic Signal Processing and the Effects of Cortical Feedback
Kien Tran, MD, PhD
Cellular and Molecular Pathology
Regulation of Fibroblast Function in Repair
Steven Truschel, PhD
Cell Biology and Molecular Physiology
Stretch-Regulated Adaptations in Urinary Bladder Epithelium
Chao-Neng Tseng, PhD
Defining the Structural Basis for the AChR-Clustering Activity of Neural Agrin