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2014 Graduates

Graduate Name and Program Dissertation
Nabil Azhar, PhD
Computational Biology
Computational Modeling of Inflammatory Mediators in Acute Illness: From Networks to Mechanisms
Saketh Chemuru Muni, PhD
Molecular Biophysics and Structural Biology
Biophysical Investigations of the Aß Aggregation Process
Wai Kan Chiu, PhD
Molecular Pharmacology
Mitochondrial Allotopic Gene Therapy Approaches Using a Drosophila Model with an Endogenous ATP6 Mutation
Julie Cramer, PhD
Cellular and Molecular Pathology
Small and Large Intestinal Stem Cells and their Relation to Cancer
Evan Delgado, PhD
Cellular and Molecular Pathology
Combating B-Catenin Driven Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Ying Ding, PhD
Computational Biology
Prognostic Biomarker Detection, Machine Learning Bias Correction, and Differential Coexpression Module Detection
Michelle Dawn Failla, PhD
Monoaminergic and Neurotrophic Gene Variation Associated with Fronto-Limbic Circuitry affect Mood and Cognitive Recovery Post-TBI
Andrey Finegersh, PhD
Molecular Pharmacology
Epigenetic Effects of Ethanol
Adriana Forero Rueda, PhD
Molecular Virology and Microbiology
Role of IRF4 in the Regulation of Cellular Interferon Stimulated Genes and KSHV Lytic Gene Expression in Primary Effusion Lymphoma
Abhishek Garg, PhD
Feedback Inhibition of IL-17 Receptor Signal Transduction
Jean-Marc Guedon, PhD
Molecular Virology and Microbiology
New Insights and Treatments For VZV-induced Pain In a Rat Model of Postherpetic Neuralgia
Kristia Hamilton, PhD
Identification of Novel Signaling Pathways in T Cells Mediated by Protein Kinase C, Carma1, MALT1 and Bcl10
Cody Hoop, PhD
Molecular Biophysics and Structural Biology
Site-Specific Structure and Dynamics of Polyglutamine-Containing Amyloid Fibrils and the Caveolin Scaffolding Domain by Magic Angle Spinning Solid-State NMR
Joshua Jamison, PhD
Cellular and Molecular Pathology
Protein Kinase Cð Regulates the Rhythm of Contractility During Growth Factor Induced Migration
Sohyun Jeon, PhD
The role of programmed death ligand-1 (PD-L1/B7-H1) in regulating the immune responses against herpes simplex virus-1 (HSV-1)
Anne Keener, PhD
Molecular Pharmacology
EAF2 Associates with FOXA1 and EAF2 Alleviates FOXA1-Mediated Repression of Androgen Receptor Transactivation
Erin Kristin Kirschmann, PhD
Effects of Unpredictable Chronic Mild Stress on Adolescent Rats
Zachary Joseph Landis Lewis, PhD
Biomedical Informatics
Automated Tailoring of Clinical Performance Feedback in Low-Resource Settings
Li-Chun Lin, PhD
Center for Neuroscience/Neurobiology
Contribution of Somatostatin Deficits and EIF2 Signaling to Anxiety/Depressive-Like Behaviors
Zachary Marcum, PhD
Clinical and Translational Science
Medication Use and Falls in Older Adults: A Pharmacoepidemiologic Approach
Douglas Marvel, PhD
Regulation by IL-10 of Innate Immune Responses to MUC1 as a Self-Antigen in MUC1 Transgenic Mice
Danielle Mowery, PhD
Biomedical Informatics
Developing a Clinical Linguistic Framework for Problem List Generation from Clinical Text
David Mowrey, PhD
Computational Biology
Allosteric Modulation of CYS-Loop Receptors
Melanie Peffer, PhD
Integrative Molecular Biology
Analysis of Glucocorticoid Action in Neural Stem Cells
Shannon P Quinn, PhD
Computational Biology
Distributed Spectral Graph Methods for Analyzing Large-Scale Unstructured Biomedical Data
Daniel Jacob Ranayhossaini, PhD
Molecular Pharmacology
Rational Design and Therapeutic Potential of a Novel Nox1 Inhibitor for the Treatment of Pulmonary Hypertension: In Vitro and In Vivo Effects of Nox1 Inhibition
Bartholomew Roland, PhD
Molecular Pharmacology
An In Vivo Structure-Function Analysis of the Pathogenesis of Triosephosphate Isomerase Deficiency
Nisha Sambamurthy, PhD
Cellular and Molecular Pathology
Cell and Molecular Mediators Involved in Damage and Repair in Emphysema Using Mouse Models
Nicole Scheff, PhD
Center for Neuroscience/Neurobiology
The Impact of Inflammation on the Regulation of Intracellular Calcium in Cutaneous Nociceptive Neurons
Nicole Seneca, PhD
Molecular Virology and Microbiology
Comparative Analysis of Polyomavirus T Antigens In Cellular Transformation
Danushka Seneviratne, PhD
Cellular and Molecular Pathology
Hepatocyte Growth Factor Gene Mutation in Human Colorectal Cancer: Causes and Consequences
Niyati Shah, PhD
Center for Neuroscience/Neurobiology
Calcineurin-Mediated Signaling in Ischemic Preconditioning and Neuronal Cell Death
Hilary Stevenson, PhD
Molecular Pharmacology
Use of Transmission Electron Microscopy to Identify Nanocrystals of Challenging Protein Targets
Dawn Taylor, PhD
Molecular Virology and Microbiology
Characterization of the Vibrio Cholerae RND Efflux Systems
Timothy Travers, PhD
Computational Biology
Structural Modeling of Regulation in a-Actinin/F-Actin Interactions
Hanna Valli, PhD
Molecular Genetics and Developmental Biology
Preserving male fertility with spermatogonial stem cells
Philip Vernon, PhD
HMGB1, RAGE, and the Myeloid Response to Pancreatic Cancer
Kathryn Wack, PhD
Cell Biology and Molecular Physiology
Podocyte Injury Causes Chronic Kidney Disease in the Ercc1 Deficient Mouse Model of Accelerated Aging
Jing Yang, PhD
Cellular and Molecular Pathology
WNT/Beta-catenin signaling in liver homeostatis and regenration
Yu Zhou, PhD
The Role of Heat Shock Protein Receptor CD91 in Initiation of Tumor Associated Immunity