Panther Statue in the Spring


Dedication to Excellence in Research

The University has long been regarded as a leader in academic research and a premier destination for those who continue to shape the future of biomedical science. In 2021, U.S. News & World Report ranked University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine as number 13 for Research in the United States. With nearly 70 percent of the University's overall research funding dedicated to health sciences, the School of Medicine has significantly  invested in renewed infrastructure for research disciplines such as developmental, cellular, structural, and computational and systems biology — as well as recruitment for first-class faculty. The University belongs to the American Association of Universities, an organization of 62 leading Public and Private Research Universities in the United States and Canada.

Areas of research emphasis within the School of Medicine


Bioinformatics for health care delivery

Cancer biology & therapeutics

Computational biology

Diabetes & metabolic disease

Developmental biology

DNA damage & repair

Epithelial cell biology

Liver, digestion, & metabolism

Microbiology & immunology (cancer, host-defense interactions, infectious disease, transplantation, vaccine development)

Membrane trafficking

Microbiomes in health & disease

Molecular biophysics & structural biology

Molecular genetics

Neuroscience (cells, systems & disease, learning, memory & cognition, motor systems & prosthetics, neurodegenerative disease, pain & addiction, vision, hearing & other sensory systems)

Pharmacology, signal transduction & drug discovery

Renal, cardiovascular & pulmonary biology

Reproductive biology and fertility

Stem cells & regenerative biology