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Session 2 - Conversations with Mentors

This session will provide space and structure for students and mentors to have conversations about student career goals. It will feature case-based discussions between groups of students and mentors on topics around career planning will include alignment of mutual expectations, work-life balance, and finding time for career planning. We will conclude with mentor-trainee(s) meetings to begin discussions about individualized career plans.

Case-study and discussion guide

Mentoring-related Resources:

  • "Mentoring Up": Learning to Manage Your Mentoring Relationships - Lee, S.; McGee, R.; Pfund, C.; Branchaw, J. book chapter in The Mentoring Continuum: From Graduate School Through Tenure, Syracuse University Press, Glenn Wright, editor, 2015.
  • Questionnaire for Aligning Expectations in Research Mentoring Relationships - Revised by Steve Lee and Stephanie House, originated from Ingrid Moses, Adapted by Margaret Kiley and Kate Cadman

Thank you to Dr. Tracey Baas at UTSA for her input in the development of this session!