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There are a range of options for graduates in the biomedical field aside from “academia" or "industry.” However, figuring out which path is right for you, and how to get there, can be a challenge. The resources below will help you explore your career options.

In addition, feel free to reach out to Deepti Ramadoss ( for assistance with your career exploration, and  join the Career CluB

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Once you have a better idea about what direction you want to go in, we have two pieces of advice:

1. Develop relevant skillsets. Whatever career you decide to pursue, start developing the relevant skillset as early as possible—being a competitive job applicant isn’t just about doing good research (although your research should of course be your first priority). To explore and develop relevant skillsets, there are graduate student focused internship opportunities within Pitt!

Science writing internship with UPMC media relations
The Office of Graduate Studies and the BGSA have partnered with science writers from the UPMC and University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences media relations team to offer a new mentored writing program. Applications for Fall 2021 are closed now. Updates for future opportunities will be posted here.
Summer micro-internship program with Office of the Provost

In response to the growing trend of PhD graduates in higher education careers other than faculty positions, the Office of the Provost – Graduate Studies offered a micro-internship program in summer 2021. Updates for future opportunities will be posted here.

2. Network. There are a lot of highly qualified people applying for every job you’ll apply for. Networking is a gradual, and sometimes awkward process, but in the long run it will make your professional life easier. Having a personal connection to the position or company you’re interested in will help you stand out in a crowd, and a lot of times will be the deciding factor in whether you get hired over another, equally-qualified candidate.

Wherever you are in your career exploration journey, our office is here to help!

Join the Career Club

The Career Club is a sequence of six monthly workshops designed to engage senior-year graduate students in career planning